ANNUAL CLUB TESTS.  19TH SEPTEMBER  The turn out for today's test was fantastic and the weather

was very kind to us.  A big thankyou to our judges Wendy Brown, Rick Nisi, Charlie Solway, and Paul Groombridge. Also thanks go to Simon and Cliff who kept us all supplied with tea and coffee. Not forgetting Fiona Nisi who is our admin co-ordinator.  We had some wonderful help from members who threw dummies etc.  The results were as follows..

Puppies.. 1st Laura Newnham and Bertie HPR, 1st Roger Winwood and Rufus Lab, 1st Anne Morbey and Callie Spaniel.

2nd Steve Bowie and Mollie Lab

3rd Lynne Writley and Penny Lab

4th Emma Jensen and Basil Lab

Novice Retrievers

1st Katherine Bowlan and Bramble

2nd Lee Singleton and Bruce

3rd Jane Mc Allister and Bruce

4th Emily Walker and Woody

Novice Spaniels

1st Kath Ryan and Maggie

2nd Jennie Head and Webster

3rd Emily Topley and Kenco

4th Graham Lomax and Woody

Open Retrievers

1st Sue Proctor and Ruby

2nd Karl Kilford and Flynn

3rd Lee Donn and Sue

4th Charlotte Harrison and Fuji

Open Spaniels

1st Rob Francis and Nellie

2nd Debbie Hobs and Pip

3rd Sue Proctor and Pip

4th Philip Budd and Tilly

Congratulations to all in the awards  (Photos to follow)



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