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About us

The Purbeck Team is led by Christine Walton. She has a wealth of experience of gundog and companion dog training.

Christine is a qualified teacher with ADTB and is a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers. She is continually developing her career as a dog trainer in obedience classes which she runs at a local hall in Christchurch. She currently has two working spaniels and four Labrador Retrievers. The retrievers compete in working tests in the summer, winning numerous awards and work during the shooting season.

The team also include:

Wendy Brown  who has developed her training career over the last six years and has been working and competing very successfully with her Labradors, making one of them up to Open standard.  and a younger one winning her first award in the puppy class. She is currently bringing on another puppy so watch this space.

Wendy also has a working Spaniel.


Rick Nisi also helps with training the retriever dogs. He is having great fun training his lab called Shadow, who has now completed his second season picking up. Rick is a very keen trainer who knows all the pitfalls of training having gone through it all himself with his own young dogs.

Charlie Solway Is our top honcho spaniel trainer. He has many years of experience with spaniels and has a wealth of knowledge. He works his cockers throughout the shooting season and has been very successful in working tests and trials.

Paul Groombridge has recently joined the team and has learnt

loads himself from Charlie and also by training his own spaniels. He has 2 lovely springers who beat with him during the working season.  He has come a long way and is a 

tremendous asset to the spaniel group..

We provide gundog training for all gundog breeds, working or pet dogs, from complete beginners to more advanced handlers.


Christine training her young dog in the turnip field. Dummies difficult to find 


Always out training


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